Isaiah Thomas – Wife, Dad, Sons, Baby Mama

Isaiah Thomas has two sons: Jaiden and James Thomas.  In 2016, Thomas and his longtime girlfriend, Kayla, got married.  Jaiden is the son the couple have together while James is Isaiah’s son from a previous relationship.  Isaiah’s father’s name is also James.  Isaiah’s father named him after former NBA superstar, Isiah Thomas.

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Isaiah got his name because his father lost a bet

Isaiah’s father is a Los Angeles Lakers fan.  In 1989, the Lakers played the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals.  James Thomas bet his friend that the Lakers would beat the Pistons.  Detroit ended up sweeping Los Angeles so James had to name his son after Pistons guard, Isiah Thomas.  We’d love to see Isaiah play for the Lakers or Pistons in the future.

Here’s a pic of Isaiah’s sons:

Isaiah Thomas Wife Dad Sons Baby Mama
Isaiah Thomas Sons

The following pic shows Isaiah and his father:

Isaiah Thomas Dad
Isaiah Thomas Dad

Here a pic of Isaiah and Kayla Wallace:

Isaiah Thomas Wife
Isaiah Thomas Wife
Isaiah is back and better than ever.  The video below shows his highlights from Cleveland’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers.  Thomas dropped 17 points in 19 minutes.  Isaiah is adding years to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s careers.  James and Wade won’t have to work as hard now that Thomas is back.

Isaiah played great with Wade.  He made the NBA veteran look 10 years younger.  That’s not the only good news for the Cavs.  Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert are looking to return soon.  Tyronn Lue says that D. Rose isn’t limping anymore and Shump “is always healing faster than he’s supposed to.”

Do you think Isaiah Thomas will lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Championship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.