Is Quinn From Scandal Pregnant In Real Life?

Quinn from Scandal is not pregnant in real life.  She recently gave birth to her first child, a son named Albee Shapiro.  Quinn Perkins, formerly Lindsay Dwyer is played by actress, Katie Lowes.  She’s married to Adam Shapiro, a fellow actor who played Jesse Tyler, Lindsay’s boyfriend on Scandal.  Lindsay Dwyer was Quinn’s name before she became Quinn thanks to Olivia Pope.

Albee Shapiro

In October of 2017, Katie announced the birth of her and Adam’s son, Albee Shapiro.  Lowes was pregnant in real life while Quinn was pregnant on Scandal.  In episode 9 of season 7, “Good People” we see Quinn give birth.

Is Quinn From Scandal Pregnant In Real Life?

Olivia’s father, Eli stages Quinn’s death and calls his friend over to help Quinn deliver her first child. Eli has 5 years worth of clothes for the baby so it looks like he plans to help raise Quinn and Charlie’s bundle of joy.  I feel sorry for Charlie.

In the post below, Katie announces the birth of her first child:

The pic below shows Katie/Quinn pregnant on Scandal and in real life.  This is a perfect example of life imitating art:

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