Gunplay – Net Worth, Dreads, Girlfriend, IG

Miami rapper, Gunplay appears in the first season of Love and Hip Hop Miami.  Him and his girlfriend, Keyara Stone recently moved back to the 305 from Atlanta.  Make sure you’re following Gunplay on Instagram: @ItzDonLogan.  Keyara Stone Instagram username is @IAmKeyaraStone.

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Gunplay Net Worth As Of 2018: $2 Million

Gunplay’s $2 million net worth was earned through his career as a rapper.  He was raised in Carol City and teamed up with Rick Ross in 1997 to form Triple C’s.  In 2012, he signed a solo deal with Def Jam and in 2015 he released his debut album Living Legend.  
Gunplay Net Worth 2018
Gunplay Net Worth 2018

Gunplay Dreads

Gunplay’s dreads are freeform aka neglect aka organic.  Dry hair dreads by itself.  If you want dreads, all you have to do is wash your hair and be patient.  Freeform dreads can take more than 2 years to form.
Gunplay Dreads
Gunplay Dreads

In the video below, the Gunplay explains that his dreads represent his Miami roots.  People from other places tend to get their dreads done at salons.  In places like Miami and Jamaica, freeform dreadlocks are popular.

Keyara Stone, Gunplay’s girlfriend

A post shared by K. Stone (@iamkeyarastone) on Dec 1, 2017 at 7:52pm PST

Keyara Stone is from Chicago.  Prior to her relationship with Gunplay, she was shot 3 times in her ankle, arm and chest.  Her injuries left her paralyzed.  She was unable to eat or walk for 6 months.  The incident led Keyara to relocate from Chicago to Miami.  
In Miami, Stone met Gunplay.  They started dating and Keyara helped the rapper overcome his addiction to drugs.

Initially, Miami was a perfect place for Keyara because she needed to get away from Chicago.  Now that she’s dating Gunplay Keyara knows Miami isn’t the place to be because the demons of the rapper’s past are in the 305.  Keyara wants to stay in Atlanta but Gunplay wants to move back to Miami.  Gunplay loves Miami and Keyara isn’t able to convince him not to move back.

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