Gabby Pleasure P Girlfriend, Gabrielle Davis – Love And Hip Hop Miami

Gabrielle “Gabby” Davis was seen on episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season, “Forbidden Fruit.” One reason the show’s writers decided to name the episode “Forbidden Fruit” is because of Gabby.  She’s Pleasure P’s ex-girlfriend and he’s currently in a relationship with Shay Johnson.

Shay meets up with her friend, Michelle Pooch and tells her about the drama surrounding her relationship with Pleasure P.  Shay wants her relationship with the singer to work so to try to make things right, she cooks him a meal.  Meanwhile, Pleasure P is at dinner with his ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle “Gabby” Davis.

Gabrielle "Gabby" Davis Love And Hip Hop Miami
Gabrielle “Gabby” Davis Love And Hip Hop Miami

Gabby was discovered while competing in Jamaica’s Pulse model competition.  Davis is gorgeous.  She has done photoshoots with famous designers and she walked the runway during Caribbean Fashion Week.

Gabby was in a relationship with Pleasure P for four years.  She unexpectedly ended the relationship. Now P’s in a relationship with Shay Johnson but Gabby wants him back.  There goes Pleasure P’s career.  How will he be able to focus on his music while he’s caught in the middle of a love triangle?

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