Evelyn Lozada, French Montana – Officially Dating

French Montana and Evelyn Lozada are officially dating.  They were seen together in Las Vegas celebrating the New Year at Sin City.  French performed at the Marquee Nightclub.  Can the rapper handle a cougar like Ms. Lozada? Evelyn was born on December 10, 1975 and is currently 42.  French was born on November 9 and is 33.

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Evelyn Lozada is a Sagittarius and French Montana is a Scorpio.  Sagittarius-born will say anything on their mind and they don’t care if they offend others.  Lozada has definitely proven that she doesn’t bite her tongue on several occasions.  Sagittarius is extrovert with a great sense of humor.  Evelyn is hilarious and loves meeting new people.

Evelyn Lozada French Montana
Evelyn Lozada French Montana

Scorpio-born are resourceful and passionate.  French’s passion for music is the reason why he’s a successful rapper.  In 2003, he was shot in the head.  In the video below, French explains that the person who shot him is dead.  He says that he beat the homicide case proving that he was resourceful enough to hire a great lawyer.

Scorpio-born are violent and distrusting.  French has been involved in numerous violent incidents throughout his career.  We’ll see if Evelyn can keep her new bae out of trouble.

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