Dave Chappelle – Iceberg Slim

Dave Chappelle’s Iceberg Slim joke is breaking the Internet.  Iceberg Slim was a pimp and author who was born Robert Maupin aka Robert Beck on August 4, 1918 in Chicago.  He passed away on April 28, 1992.  Chappelle uses Iceberg Slim’s 1967 book Pimp to explain why he left his hit series, Chappelle’s Show in 2005.

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In Pimp, Iceberg Slim discusses his life and the decisions he made as a black man in America before desegregation.  He became a pimp when he was 18, after a stint in jail.  Iceberg Slim earned his name because of his ability to stay cool no matter the situation.

Dave Chappelle Iceberg Slim
Dave Chappelle Iceberg Slim

Chappelle shares a story about one of Iceberg’s main workers from his days as a pimp.  The woman wants to quit so Iceberg has her hook up with one more man before they part ways.  Iceberg sets the woman up and makes her think that she kills the man.  This makes the woman grateful and she decides to keep working for Iceberg.

Capitalist Manifesto

Chapelle describes Pimp and his situation with Comedy Central as the “capitalist manifesto.” Under capitalism, a small minority of people own what is needed to produce and distribute goods.  Most people in a capitalist society must work for a living.  Capitalists earn their profits by exploiting the working class.

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Most of Twitter thought Dave’s Iceberg Slim reference was unforgettable.

There were some people that weren’t feeling Dave’s explanation:

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