Dave Chappelle – Draymond Green

Scroll to the video below to hear Dave Chappelle’s joke about Draymond Green.  In the comedian’s Netflix special Equanimity he says that “Draymond Green” is one of the blackest names he’s ever heard.  Chappelle explains that when you enter “Draymond Green” into Airbnb, it will log off automatically.

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Over the last few years, Green and Kyrie Irving have been discussing their belief that the world is flat.  In the video at the end of this article, Chappelle calls out people who believe the theory and explains that if you fly in one direction you’ll come back around.

Dave Chappelle loves basketball as proven by his Prince skits on Chappelle’s Show.  The comedian has been spotted at numerous games including the 2017 Eastern Conference finals.  The Cleveland Cavaliers played the Boston Celtics and the NBA’s social media team shared the following tweet:

In the video below, Dave also discusses doing comedy with LeBron James.  Some of the Cavaliers went to see Dave perform and LeBron got on stage with him and did a few jokes.  Chappelle doesn’t allow cellphones at his shows explaining a video of their bit can’t be found online.

Dave Chappelle Draymond Green
Dave Chappelle Draymond Green

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