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Jonathan Fernandez opened up about conversion therapy on episode 12 of Love and Hip Hop season 8, “Peace Talk.” He visits his sister, Jasmine and she tells him to confront their mother, Miriam about the therapy.  Visit NCLR for information about #BornPerfect: The Campaign to End Conversion Therapy.

Jonathan Fernandez was born on June 12, 194 in New York and is currently 33-years-old.  He’s Dominican and previously appeared on K. Michelle: My Life and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Jonathan was bullied when he was younger because of his identity crisis so his mother sent him to the Dominican Republic for conversion therapy.  Miriam explains that she didn’t want Jonathan to keep getting bullied and she thought therapy was the solution.  Jonathan never told his family how horrible the therapy was but he held a grudge against his mom.

Conversion Therapy Jonathan Fernandez Bio
Conversion Therapy Jonathan Fernandez Bio

Hormones were injected to Jonathan’s body at conversion therapy

Jonathan, Jasmine and Miriam meet up to finally discuss the therapy.  Jonathan reveals that they injected hormones into his body.  The injections hurt his legs and it was difficult for him to move them.  Conversion therapy centers think that they can “cure” homosexuality by injecting hormones into people.

Jonathan was shocked by a machine at conversion therapy

Jonathan was forced to take a lie detector test and a machine was used to shock him when they didn’t like his answers.  We fight for animals who are shocked by machines yet conversion therapy centers are shocking people in an attempt to “fix” them.

What do you think about Jonathan Fernandez’s conversion therapy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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