Confesor Ruben Brito – Love And Hip Hop New York

Confesor Ruben Brito aka Ruben Martinez is Anais Martinez’s husband on Love and Hip Hop New York.  Rumors suggests that Ruben was once a scam artist who sold luxury cars in New Jersey but he now has a legit dealership.  Ruben is 51-years-old and Anais is 33.  Ruben recently caught Anais cheating on him with Rich Dollaz.

M&P Foreign Cars, Hawthorne, New Jersey

Confesor Ruben Brito owns M&P Foreign Cars located in Hawthorne, New Jersey.  The pic below shows him with Anais at the dealership.  Did Ruben forgive her for cheating or was Anais’ relationship with Rich Dollaz made for TV?

Confesor Ruben Brito Love And Hip Hop New York
Confesor Ruben Brito Love And Hip Hop New York

If you’re in the Hawthorne, New Jersey area check out Ruben’s dealership.  Do your research before you make a purchase.  People from the New Jersey and New York area claims that Ruben has been a scam artist for decades.

Overall, the company has some great reviews but the following review claims that M&P gets paid for the interest rate on the first two years and then they repossess your car.
M&P Foreign Used Cars Review
M&P Foreign Used Cars Review

The review is from a competitor so it would be easy to ignore but read the following comments about Ruben from a message board:

Ruben Anais Husband
Ruben Anais Husband

In my opinion, there’s something about Ruben’s demeanor that screams scam artist.  I was afraid for Rich when Ruben found out that he was sleeping with Anais.  Ruben looks like he’s about that life and usually people who are about that life aren’t honest businessmen.

A post shared by Ruben Brito (@caballomp) on May 25, 2017 at 11:43am PDT

Poor Ruben.  While he was working hard at his dealership, Anais was sleeping with Rich Dollaz.  It could be karma.  The screenshot above explains that Ruben was married to a different woman before Anais.  Did Ruben cheat on his first wife with Anais? As mentioned above, honesty is a character trait that Ruben most likely lacks.

The following pic shows Anais with the white Range Rover we’ve seen on the series.


You either love Anais or you hate her.  Love and Hip Hop New York recently lost Cardi B so fans were initially hard on Anais but I like her and Ruben.  There’s still a lot the series can do with her storyline like actually let us hear some of her music.

I would also tune in to see Anais and Ruben try to repair their marriage.  Anais acknowledged her mistake and tried to apologize for cheating on Ruben.  The storyline could be fake but it’s a situation that women find themselves in on a regular basis.  Mona Scott-Young and the Love and Hip Hop crew could provide some insight on how to fix a broken marriage after one spouse gets caught cheating.

What do you think about Ruben’s decision to divorce Anais after she caught him cheating on her with Rich Dollaz? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.