Chef Gueli – Salim Stoudamire’s Wife #RHOA Appearance

Guelila Fornetti aka Chef Gueli made an appearance on episode 11 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s tenth season, “Tea Is Of The Essence.” The Plant-Based Personal Chef is seen in Porsha Williams’ kitchen cooking a vegan meal for the reality star.  In the Instagram post below, Chef Gueli thanks Porsha for trusting her as the reality star transitions to a plant-based lifestyle.

Chef Gueli used to think that plant-based meals were bland but she was wrong.  She explains that it’s all about the quality of the ingredients you use.  Porsha explains that she has been vegan for 2 months and Chef Gueli has made the transition easy.  Williams invites Kim Zolciak-Biermann to her house and tells Gueli that Kim is already a vegetarian so it should be easy to convert her to a vegan.

Chef Gueli Porsha Williams

Porsha was born and raised in Atlanta and grew up eating collard greens with pig in it and ribs.  Chef Gueli is adding years to the reality star’s life!

Chef Gueli Porsha Williams
Chef Gueli Porsha Williams

Chef Gueli’s Husband Salim Stoudamire

In the Instagram post above, Chef Gueli reveals that her husband, Salim Stoudamire, was already a vegan when they met.  The pic shows the couple with their son Gabriel.  Stoudamire played in the NBA and is working hard to get back on the court next season.  In 2006, he announced his plans to eat vegan.  In 2010, Salim shared his vegan lifestyle with Gueli and she used it to heal herself of a chronic disease.

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