Cardi B Net Worth 2018

Cardi B didn’t win a Grammy but she but her and Bruno Mars stole the show with their unforgettable “Finesse” performance.  The In Living Color themed performance was similar to the song’s music video.  The only thing missing was Homey D. Clown.  Damon Wayans could have made the performance the greatest Grammy Award moment of all-time with one phrase: “Homey don’t play that!”


Cardi B Net Worth As Of 2018: $4.5 Million

Cardi B earned her $4.5 million net worth through her career as a rapper, singer, songwriter and reality TV star.  First, she dominated social media with hilarious videos.  Cardi is comfortable in her skin.  Her video remind us that we shouldn’t change so people will like us.  Be yourself and the right people will come to you and stay.
Cardi B Net Worth 2018
Cardi B Net Worth 2018



Cardi B was born Belcalis Almanzar on October 11, 1992 in The Bronx, New York.  Her father is father is Dominican and her mother is Trinidadian.  Cardi isn’t the only female rapper with Trinidadian/New York City roots.  Nicki Minaj was born in Trinidad and grew up in Queens, New York.Cardi loved the streets and when she was 16 she joined the infamous Blood gang.  She worked at a supermarket but eventually got fired.  Her family was poor so Cardi became a stripper to help her mom pay the bills.



Cardi B loves socializing so when social media networks got popular, she used Vine and Instagram to share videos of herself.  Cardi instantly gained fans thanks to her willingness to say anything on her mind.  In 2015, Cardi landed a role on VH1’s reality series Love and Hip Hop and instantly became a fan favorite.On Love and Hip Hop we witnessed Cardi pursue her career as a rapper but she was getting caught up in all the drama surrounding the series.  She left the show after two seasons to focus on music.  A few months after announcing that she was done with Love and Hip Hop, Cardi B made history with her 2017 single, “Bodak Yellow” and many thought she deserved to win a Grammy Award.  On December 22, 2017 she released “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage.



In 2018, Cardi B will release her debut album.  She had plans the drop the album in October of 2017 but then she changed the scheduled release date to November of 2017.  Cardi is a Libra, explaining why she can be indecisive at times.  She set the bar high with “Bodak Yellow” so she wants her first album to be perfect.
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