Cardi B – MK Ultra Glitch, Mind Control Theory

The video below claims that Cardi B’s mind is being controlled by MK Ultra.  The video is from the 2018 Grammy Awards.  Cardi B is answering questions during an interview when she all of a sudden stops speaking and stares into the camera.  The Internet thinks there was a “glitch in her programming.”

Someone says, “It’s good” and Cardi B snaps out of it.  The Internet thinks that the person speaking was Cardi’s “handler.”


The CIA’s Project MK Ultra

The video below explains that the CIA authorized the purchase of LSD.  MK Ultra was a top-secret program the CIA launched to try to control people’s minds.  They wanted to see if they could get people to do things that they normally wouldn’t do.The agency thought LSD was the key.  The CIA found out that LSD couldn’t be used for mind control because it actually freezes people’s minds and causes them to question authority.

Cardi B doesn’t enjoy being famous.  The rapper explains that she felt like she was in control of her life before fame but now she feels like the world owns her.


Cardi B MK Ultra Glitch Mind Control
Cardi B MK Ultra Glitch Mind Control

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