Bobby Lytes – Love And Hip Hop Miami

Bobby Lytes will appear on the first season of Love and Hip Hop Miami.  He was born on October 24, 1990 and is currently 27-years-old.  Bobby is an openly gay rapper determined to change the music industry.  He is Trina’s cousin and grew up in Homestead, one of Miami’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Although Bobby is Trina’s cousin, he doesn’t think she’s giving him the support he deserves.  Bobby is one of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s most confidence characters and he doesn’t bite his tongue for anyone.

Bobby Lytes Love And Hip Hop Miami
Bobby Lytes Love And Hip Hop Miami

In episode 1 of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season, “Welcome To Miami” we see Bobby go crazy on Trina’s assistant, Alvin.  Bobby doesn’t receive the respect he thinks he deserves from Trina’s entourage and he refuses to stay quiet about it.  Bobby, Miami Tip, Trina and Alvin are at a restaurant and Bobby throws a drink on Alvin!

Bobby Lytes Vs Hazel E

In the Instagram post below, Bobby calls out Hazel E and her boyfriend, Rose Burgandy.  The former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood stars made several homophobic comments, including “I hope all gays dies and go to hell” and Bobby clapped back with the following video:

Bobby Lytes grew up poor in one of Dade County’s toughest neighborhoods.  Homestead, Miami is known for its speedway but its also home of some of Miami’s most dangerous gangs.  Last year, numerous members of the M-13 were arrested in Homestead.  Bobby had to be strong to survive Homestead and he’ll have to be even stronger as a openly gay rapper.

Homophobic rappers like Eminem and the Migos dominate the charts.  Fans recite their lyrics without thinking twice about what they’re saying.  Bobby Lytes will change that.  In 2014 he released the song “Make Some Money” proving that he’s a talented emcee.  Love and Hip Hop Miami gives Bobby an opportunity to take his career to the next level.

Check out the Love and Hip Hop Miami super trailer:

Like Jonathan Fernandez from Love and Hip Hop New York, Bobby catches his boyfriend cheating.  Bobby is dating rapper, JT Money’s son, Jeffrey “JT” White.  Jeffrey cheats on Bobby with promoter, Malik Williams.

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