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Backpack With Speakers – WizPak #LHHMIA

The backpack with speakers on Love and Hip Hop Miami was a WizPak, the world’s first luxury sound system.  In episode 4 of season 1, “Fashion Victims” we see Malik Williams give Jeffrey “JT” White a red Riri WizPak.  JT is in a relationship with Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes who doesn’t appreciate Malik’s gesture.

Bobby knows that Malik is a brand ambassador for WizPak so he flips when he sees the backpack in the closet.  He calls Jeffrey out and Jeffrey lies about his relationship with Malik.  Bobby says that JT is too poor to afford a WizPak so it’s obvious that Malik gave him the luxury sound system.  Bobby knows that Malik was JT’s first love so he’s worried about their relationship.

Backpack With Speakers Wizpak #LHHMIA
Backpack With Speakers Wizpak #LHHMIA

The following pic shows the Riri WizPak.  It’s $1299.00 and you can get it with a matte black or gold trim.

Backpack With Speakers Wizpak
Backpack With Speakers Wizpak


Jamie Foxx Is WizPak’s Head Of Strategic Operations

WizPak Founder Shannon Ridley with Jamie Foxx WizPak’s Head of Strategic Operations

Jamie Foxx is WizPak’s Head of Strategic Operations.  The pic above shows him with WizPak’s founder and CEO, Shannon “SLam” Ridley.  WizPak allows you to listen to music on the go and it charges your smart devices.

Ridley has strong connections with numerous entertainers.  In 1998, he landed an intern gig for Bad Boy Records.  He worked hard and eventually became the Director of A&R.

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