Angel Parrish – My 600 lb Life Update – 2018

Angel Parrish is one of the few My 600 lb Life success stories.  She initially weighed 570 pounds and now she’s about 230 pounds.  Angel and her boyfriend, Donnie, moved from Kerrville, Texas to Houston so they could be closer to Dr. Nowzaradan.  They have been together for more than 14 years.  Donnie no longer has to help Angel complete simple tasks like using the bathroom.

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Angel decided to go to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan because she was missing out on her son, Andrew’s life.  Prior to her surgery, Angel relied on Andrew and Donnie to help her with everything.  Donnie would cook for her and bring her multiple meals throughout the day.

Angel My 600 lb Life Update 2018
Angel My 600 lb Life Update 2018

ER doctors insert tubes into Angel’s stomach

After her initial gastric surgery, Parrish started experiencing nausea so Donnie takes her to the hospital.  Dr. Now advised Angel to contact him if she started feeling sick.  Her and Donnie ignore Dr. Now’s advice and they go to the hospital where doctors insert a feeding tube and two drainage tubes into her stomach because they thought she was malnourished.

Dr. Now warns Angel that she could die if she doesn’t start following his instructions.  My 600 lb Life teaches us the importance of discipline and self-control.  Parrish nearly died because she didn’t listen to a simple instruction from Dr. Now.

Angel was forced to give her daughter up for adoption

When Angel was young, she was thin.  She started gaining weight when she was 14-years-old after her mother forced her to give her daughter up for adoption.  The tweet below explains that Angel should appear on TLC’s Long Lost Family series.  The show presents the stories of people who have been separated from their family members and want to be reunited with them.

Angel gave birth to her son, Andrew when she was 20.  At the time, she weighed about 300 pounds.  Five years later, Angel’s father passed away after they had a heated argument.  Angel’s guilt caused her to gain more than 200 pounds.

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