Alvin, Trina’s Assistant – Drags Khia and the Queens Court

Alvin, Trina’s assistant recently called out Khia.  The Queens Court co-host is constantly taking shots at Trina and Alvin is tired of it.  Scroll to the Instagram video below to hear Alvin drag Khia.  Alvin has been seen alongside Trina in multiple episodes of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season.  In episode 4 of the series, “Fashion Victims” he calls out Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes for trying to fight him.

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Alvin’s beef with Bobby might be scripted but his beef with Khia is as real as it gets.  In the Instagram video below, Alvin calls Khia out for having her condo repossessed.  He also insults Khia’s gold teeth and dreads.  Alvin calls Khia a roach and says she wore dirty sheets in her music video.

Alvin Trina Assistant Love And Hip Hop Miami
Alvin Trina Assistant Love And Hip Hop Miami

Check out a clip from Alvin’s interview with Armon Wiggins.  Scroll to the end of this article to see the full interview.

Alvin also called Khia out for being left out of Janet Jackson’s video for “So Excited.” In the video below, Khia explains that she wrote the song:

Khia’s verse is included in the video but her scenes were cut:

What do you think about the beef between Alvin and Bobby Lytes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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