Why XXXtentacion Went to Jail

XXXTentacion went to jail for violating his bond for his initial arrest.  The rapper was initially arrested for hitting a pregnant woman, strangling her and witness tampering.X’s legal team recently submitted documents that explained the witness wanted to drop the case but upon further investigation, prosecutors determined that the rapper contacted the witness and coerced her into signing the documents.  X will be in prison until his trial.  If convicted, he could spend decades in prison.

Disturbing details about XXXtentacion’s abuse case have been released.  He may have one of the most popular albums out right now but he’s in some serious legal trouble.  The victim says that the rapper moved into her house in North Miami in May of 2016.  Two weeks later, she claims he broke her iPhone and hit her in the face after she complimented a male friend’s jewelry.

On the same day, he threatened her with a barbecue pitchfork.  She claims that he abused her on several additional occasions.


Why XXXtentacion Went To Jail
Why XXXtentacion Went To Jail


XXXtentacion was released on probation on the 27th contrary to popular belief. Many people think that the rapper was released on the 29th due to rumors and a tweet from his official account but someone spotted him at video game shop, Game Stop, and exposed the secret (trust me guys, Florida is a wild but small place). The question that most people have is why was he arrested in the first place?

XXXtentacion was booked in July 2016 on robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, then for aggravated battery of a pregnant victim and false imprisonment. X denies these charges and it was later rumored that the victim lied bout being pregnant.


Why XXXtentacion Went To Jail

X’s first day in the spotlight included reconnecting with fans on social media, speaking with Ian Conner and ASAP Rocky, and doing his first interview with 103.5 the Beat radio station where he discussed his beef with Drake (and called him a b****) among other things.

Drake was accused of stealing X’s flow on “Look At Me” for his “More Life” song “KMT”. If you listen to the beginnings of the songs you’ll notice a bit of similarity but if you keep listening the two songs are like night and day. Not to mention many people think that X’s music is very similar to Lil Uzi Vert, and lyrics similar to Suicide Boys, but that’s another story.


Why XXXtentacion Went To Jail

XXXtentacion is a very talented and versatile artist. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble and in the studio because word is he just signed to Kodak Black’s label, Atlantic Records.

What’s your favorite X song?