Who Is The Queen Of Rap? Google Says Nicki Minaj

Is Google trolling Remy Ma? When you search “Who is the queen of rap” on the Google app Nicki Minaj appears in the search results.  Above Nicki’s picture Google says “Did you mean: Remy Ma.” Scroll to the pic below to see it for yourself.  The Instagram post below shows Cardi B beefing with a Nicki Minaj fan.

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Nicki Minaj has put in years of hard work and now she has fans who are obsessed with her.  Many of those fans felt threatened when Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” started breaking records.  Nicki and Cardi were both featured on Migos new track “MotorSport” but that has only made things worse.

Who Is The Queen Of Rap? Google Says Nicki Minaj
Who Is The Queen Of Rap? Google Says Nicki Minaj
In the Instagram post below, Cardi reminds us how sensitive she is and a Nicki Minaj fan reminds us how petty Nicki’s fans can be.  Cardi has been promoting the video for “MotorSport” and Nicki’s fan calls her out.  Nicki and Migos are also on the track but Cardi is the only person promoting the upcoming video.
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Cardi B is one of the most popular rappers on the planet but she still can’t ignore the petty comments that people make about her.  She should talk to NBA player Kevin Durant about what happens when you care too much about what people say about you on social media.  Durant ended up making fake accounts to respond to his haters on Twitter.

In the video below, Cardi discusses Nicki’s verse on “MotorSport.” Cardi reveals that Nicki altered the original verse she recorded.  Cardi is clearly being petty.  Cardi and Nicki both had hot verses so there’s no need to discuss Nicki altering her verse.

Check out Nicki’s new H&M ad.  The video shows her alongside actor, Jesse Williams:

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