What Happened On ‘Empire’ Last Night?

On episode 9 of Empire‘s fourth season, “Slave To Memory” the Lyons crash Diana Dubois’ event, Hakeem gets Bella back, Jamal shoots Angelo and Claudia kidnaps Lucious.  Diana gets arrested for kidnapping baby Bella after the Lyons expose her at her event.  Hakeem gets Anika to sign a confession, admitting that she helped Diana kidnap Bella.  Hakeem explains that he grew up without his mother so he plans to let Anika spend time with Bella.
Warren helps the Lyons expose Diana so Angelo goes to a hotel that Warren is staying at.  Jamal walks into the hotel room and Angelo has Warren at gunpoint.  Angelo shoots Warren in his shoulder and Jamal attacks Angelo.  Jamal and Angelo fight and Angelo ends up getting shot.  He might be dead but Jamal shouldn’t end up in jail because he can argue self defense.
What Happened On Empire Last Night?
What Happened On Empire Last Night?

At the end of the episode Lucious visits Andre in the hospital to tell him that the Lyons finally got revenge on Diana.  Andre confesses about trying to kill Lucious.  Nurse Claudia poisons Lucious by sticking a needle in his neck.

On episode 8 of Empire‘s fourth season, “Cupid Painted Blind” we find out Pamela Rose didn’t exists.  Diana Dubois had Andre’s doctor giving him medicine that was ruining his life and causing him to see things that no one else could see.
Cookie and Lucious are working together to take Diana down.  Jamal recently beat Warren up after he found out that he lied to him.  Cookie found out where Diana was keeping Warren and paid him a visit.
Cookie Diana
Cookie Diana

Warren claims that he was in love with Jamal but Cookie doesn’t care.  Cookie is focused on protecting her sons.

Hakeem and Jamal make up and they record a new song, “Trapped”:
Episode 17 of Empire‘s third season, “Toil and Trouble” showed Cookie gather #TeamCookie to get revenge on Giuliana (Nia Long).  Lucious and Giuliana are alerted when a security camera identifies Cookie at Laviticus Vegas.  Cookie, Candace, Carol, Becky, Marcelle (Taraji P. Henson’s son, in real life), Thirsty and Kevin (Candace’s rich husband) pull an Ocean’s 11 to break into Giuliana’s safe.

Carol cracks the code

Carol breaks into Giuliana’s safe and steals incriminating ledgers.  Cookie tries to take Giuliana down by giving the ledgers to Charlotte (Eva Longoria).  That doesn’t work because Charlotte’s just as dishonest as Lucious and Giuliana.  She accepts a payoff from Lucious, ruining Cookie’s plans.
What Happened On Empire Last Night?
What Happened On Empire Last Night?

Tariq finds Baby Bella

Lucious and Tariq are finally on the same page.  Lucious locates him for help finding Baby Bella.  Tariq finds out that Angelo’s mother has Bella.  When Tariq visits Lucious to tell him the good news, his mother, Leah Walker, stabs him in the neck.  Leah kills Tariq before Tariq is able to tell Lucious where Bella is.
Episode 15 of Empire‘s third season, “Civil Hands Unclean” showed an emotional side of Hakeem Lyon.  He’s still dating Tiana but they’ve welcomed Tory Ash into their relationship.  Hakeem has serious problems to worry about.  His daughter, Bella, was taken by child protective services.  The Lyons were enjoying a family dinner and child protective services snatched baby Bella from Anika’s hands.
What Happened On Empire Last Night?
What Happened On Empire Last Night?

Lucious and Jamal collaborate on a new song

Music brings Lucious and Jamal together.  They have hated each other the entire season.  They’re both working on new albums.  Jamal hears an amazing beat but he’s disappointed to hear it belongs to Lucious.  Jamal swallows his pride, goes into the studio and starts singing to the beat.  Lucious loves it and they record “The Father The Sun”:

Cookie vs Angelo

Angelo DuBois is still mad at Cookie and he’s taking it out on Lucious.  Angelo ruins a collaboration Lucious has planned with Snoop Dogg and he sends the Fire Marshall to Club Leviticus.  Jamal tries to end the feud by visiting Angelo.  Jamal gives Angelo a $5 million donation.  Angelo rejects the money at first but then he accepts it.
Episode 13 of Empire‘s third season, “My Naked Villainy” showed a different side of Hakeem Lyon.  The young rapper is growing up.  In episode 12 of season 3, “Strange Bedfellows” we saw a huge fight during one of his performances.  A girl named Kennedy was hit by one of Hakeem’s goons so now she’s suing Empire for $50 million.  
Hakeem feels bad about the incident so he releases a new song called “Special.” Andre is very upset about Hakeem’s actions because Hakeem admits guilt on Jamal’s EmpireX.Stream channel.  Andre better worry about his relationship with Nessa.  He told Giuliana (Nia Long) that him and Nessa have an open relationship.  Giuliana asks Nessa about it leading Nessa to confront Andre.
What Happened On Empire Last Night?
What Happened On Empire Last Night?

Lucious is sick

Lucious Lyon is sick but he’s no longer suffering from ALS.  Anika visits him while he’s in bed and nearly kills him.  She’s surprised to find out that Lucious has a gun under his covers.  He flashes it and she reconnects his oxygen.  Lucious tries to fire Andre but no one offers a second vote.  Andre introduces plans to do business in Las Vegas and Lucious gets very upset.

Jamal ends things with D-Major

Jamal has been trying to get rid of D-Major for about 3 episodes.  D-Major wasn’t getting the message but he finally understands.  Jamal tells D-Major that he’s proud he chose to come out the closet but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him.  D-Major reminds Jamal of the classic music they’ve made together but Jamal doesn’t want to hear about it.
Episode 11 of Empire‘s third season, “Play On” showed Anika make a run for it.  Tariq, Lucious’ brother, threatens her and Bella so she decides to give Bella to Hakeem.  
Angelo and Cookie go to Lucious’ house to warn him to stop trying to ruin their lives.  Lucious finds it funny but Cookie’s impressed by Angelo’s swag.
Takeem (Tiana and Hakeem) is official.  The two are in a relationship again and Hakeem’s trying to teach Tiana how to be a stepmom.  Tiana is learning slowly but surely.
Nia Long’s character, Giuliana, is introduced.  In her first scene she kills her husband and makes a deal with Andre and Shine.
What Happened On Empire Last Night?
What Happened On Empire Last Night?
Jamal and Tori Ash (Rumer Willis) head to the studio to create some new music.  Lucious hears their new song and decides to use Tori on one of his new tracks.  Jamal gets very upset.
Did you watch last
night’s episode of Empire? Everyone was on the edge of their seats really
watching it, of course, because, after all, it was the season premiere. Why
wouldn’t anyone have watched it? After a very long wait, the Lyons came back to
our screens. The little screens and the big screens. Whatever you watched it
on, you had to have seen the fight between Lucious and Cookie, right? It was

So, what happened last
night then, in case you missed it, you are asking? Lucious really not only made
Cookie mad by telling her he was turning Empire over to his wife, Anika. Cookie
grabbed a bat and really tore into him good! She not only trashed his shrine of
gold records but she went after him with the bat! Cookie was pissed! Woah,
Cookie, calm down!

What Happened On Empire Last Night?
What Happened On Empire Last Night?

Jamal leaves rehab facility with Tory to record a song

When Cookie and Lucious come to visit Jamal he tells them that he’s ready to come home.  Cookie panics and advises Jamal to stay at the rehab facility.  Jamal doesn’t believe in authority.  Him and his new friend Tory, leave the facility to go to the studio and record a simple song:
According to TV
, although they were supposed to make up in the scene by having full on
intercourse, TV Line talked to the director of the show and he said that
originally, they were supposed to have sex on
the scene to make up for the fight they just had but right before, and I mean
right before, they started the scene, the actors went to director, Craig Brewer
and said they had second thoughts about the sex scene. They said they shouldn’t
do it. That is why it didn’t happen. Brewer said this is what he loves about
working with these two on the show because they really live their characters.
According to Brewer, he
listens to the actors because they really know
their characters and really knows what should be done with the scenes.
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