Vincent Herbert Love Child – Laura Govan, Gilbert Arenas, Tamar Braxton

Laura Govan denies the rumor that she’s pregnant with Vincent Herbert’s love child.  Govan explains that she has never been with Vince and she’s in a happy relationship with someone else.  Laura claims that her ex-husbnad, Gilbert Arenas started the rumors by reaching out to Tamar and telling her that she was sleeping with Vince.

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Does Tamar want Vince back?

It’s easy to see that Tamar still has feelings for Vince.  I think they’ll end up getting back together.  Why else would she care if he got another woman pregnant? It’s also obvious that Gilbert Arenas still has feelings for his ex-wife, Laura Govan or else he wouldn’t be making up stories about her.  Laura says that Gilbert should focus paying child support which he hasn’t paid since September of 2017.

Vincent Herbert Love Child Laura Govan Gilbert Arenas Tamar Braxton
Vincent Herbert Love Child Laura Govan Gilbert Arenas Tamar Braxton

Gilbert is currently hosting Complex’s YouTube sports program Out Of Bounds so all publicity is good publicity for the former NBA star.

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet _______________________________________ In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Tamar Braxton spilled all the tea about her estranged husband #VincentHerbert getting ready to be a baby daddy to another woman! “Vincent Herbert is Having a baby and his Whore decided to let me know about it tonight!!” she wrote in the since-deleted Instagram post. _______________________________________ Social media began speculating who the baby mama is and they settled on #LauraGovan. We have spoken to Laura since everything went down and in a nutshell she claims #DISSALIE! 😩🙅🏽. We knew it was roommates which is why we never posted the story. Truth be told, Laura is in a relationship with someone else and never had relations with Vince. _______________________________________ First things first, “Vincent is not my type…at all,” Laura tells us. “I have nothing but respect for Tamar and Vince, but none of this is true. Apparently Tamar had been a little inebriated while she was talking reckless on Instagram. I would never, ever disrespect her in that way, but, understandably, she’s hurt.” _______________________________________ Laura continued, “Gil is just trolling, because he’s upset that I’ve moved on.” She let us in on some exclusive tea! Laura has been mixing some creme in her dulce de leche—a white boy-toy whom she’s been dating for over a year. She tells us that she’s in love and her man is not happy with—(View more at TheShadeRoom.Com!) 📸: @gettyimages
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Melissa Schuman

Need more evidence that Tamar wants Vince back? Melissa Schuman, is a former member of Dream, the girl group that signed to Bad Boy Records in 1998.  She claims that Vincent Herbert verbally and emotionally abused her while she was recording for Dream.  The post above shows Tamar Braxton’s response to Schuman’s claims.  If Tamar’s over Vince why is she defending him?

Tamar Braxton is bipolar when it comes to Vincent Herbert and that has ruined their relationship.  Either you love him or you hate him Tamar, you can’t have both.  On Christmas day, Tamar got Vince arrested.  She explains that Herbert had too much to drink and things got heated.  Braxton says that he was disrespectful but he did not hit her.

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