Vannarah Riggs – Rich Swann Suspended

The WWE has suspended Rich Swann indefinitely.  On Friday, December 8, 2017, he was driving home with his wife, Vannarah Riggs aka Su Yung and they got into a serious argument.  Riggs is also a pro-wrestler and the couple was in Gainesville, Florida on their way home from a match.  They were discussing the match and Rich was getting angry so Vannarah got out the car.

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Swann ran after Riggs and when he caught her, he put her in a headlock.  He didn’t put the car in park and it hit a telephone poll.  Rich dragged Vannarah back to the car and pushed her back in.  The couple has been married for about 9 months and I hope Riggs is filing for divorce.

Vannarah Riggs Rich Swann Suspended
Vannarah Riggs Rich Swann Suspended

Swann was charged with false imprisonment and battery.  He claims that he didn’t put his hands on Riggs but witnesses say he grabbed her arm and neck before dragging her back to the car.  The WWE doesn’t want to be associated with domestic abuse so Rich should start looking for a new career.

Swann was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  When he was 12, his father was murdered.  Rich’s mother was murdered when he was 16.  Rich turned to drugs after his mom died but luckily his aunt was in his life and she helped him overcome his addiction to cocaine.

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