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Jonathan Fernandez’s new boyfriend, Trent Crews made an appearance in Love and Hip Hop season 8, episode 6 “Puppy Love.” Jonathan explains that Trent is a singer who is originally from Columbus, Ohio.  While he was in Ohio, he worked for Urban One and eventually landed a job with Radio One. In 2009, he decided to move to New York City to chase his dream to become a singer.

Jonathan worked with K. Michelle and Anais Martinez for years so he knows how musicians can be.  Trent is in love with his music and Anais can relate.  Jonathan explains that Trent spends too much time on his music and they don’t spend enough time together.  Anais says her husband, Ruben, gets frustrated just like Jonathan.

Trent Crews Jonathan Fernandez
Trent Crews Jonathan Fernandez

Jonathan met Trent at an industry event.  Trent has been through numerous obstacles since moving to New York.  He was homeless and had to work as a waiter to pay his bills.  New York is one of the most expensive places in the world.  Trent thinks he can make all his dreams come true if he devotes all his time to his music.

Trent has been robbed at gun point and turned down by numerous record labels.  He has a speech impediment but refuses to let it stop him from achieving his goal.  His hard work eventually landed him a deal with a record label but once his team found out that he was gay, his opportunities disappeared.

Jonathan meets Trent at a church.  Trent likes singing there because the building has good acoustics.  Trent tells Jonathan that he feels pressure as a gay singer because he wants to combat the adversity he experienced in the music industry.

Jonathan starts to complain because he feels neglected.  Trent doesn’t want any drama.  Jonathan explains that Trent is guarded.  Jonathan is ready to shack up and eventually get married but Trent is in a relationship with his music career.

Check out Trent’s amazing song “One More Time”:

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