Travis Scott Dad? Michael Scott? – Kylie Jenner (Update)

The hilarious meme below claims that actor, Michael Scott is Travis Scott’s father.  Michael is best known for his role as Steve Carell on The Office.  While Michael and Travis have the same last name, they are not related.  Travis’ real father, Jack, didn’t want him to do music.  Him and Travis got in fist fights and Jack would cut off the power in Travis’ room so he couldn’t work on music.

Travis Scott’s father taught DJ Premier how to play the drums.  Premier is a former member of Gang Starr.  In the video below, the DJ and producer explains that Travis’ grandmother, Mrs. Webster, was his English teacher.  Premier was friends with Mrs. Webster’s sons, Jack and Travis.  Jack is Travis’ dad and the rapper has an uncle whose name is also Travis.

Michael Scott Travis Dad
Michael Scott Travis Dad

Here’s a pic of Travis and his parents:

Travis Scott Parents
Travis Scott Parents

Travis Scott’s father and uncle taught DJ Premier how to play the drums and bass.  Travis’ father bought Travis a drum set when he was 3-years-old.  Scott eventually learned to play the piano.  He fell in love with music but by the time Scott was a teen, his father didn’t want him wasting his time on music.

Travis Scott and his father would get into fist fights because Scott refused to stop working on his music.  The rapper’s parents wanted him to pursue a career that was more promising but Scott refused.

Check out DJ Premier’s Tidal interview:

Travis and his parents have made up since his teen years.  The video below shows the house that he bought them.

Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner can’t wait for their new baby to be born.  Last week, Kylie’s sister, Khloe Kardashian revealed that her and Tristan Thompson were expecting a baby.  Khloe broke the internet with her announcement.  We already knew she was pregnant but we still got excited when she confirmed the rumors.

Unlike Khloe and Tristan, Kylie and Travis are laying low about their first child.  Rumors have surfaced that claim Kylie and Travis are no longer together but they’re false.  Kylie wishes that Travis could spend more time with her but he’s been securing the bag.

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