Tommy Genesis, Cardi B – “Bartier Cardi” Copied?

Did Cardi B bite Tommy Genesis’ flow in her new song “Bartier Cardi“? Scroll to the video below to listen to Genesis’ single “Tommy” which was released in September of 2017.  Tommy Genesis is a very talented Canadian rapper.  In “Tommy” she repeats her name several times.  Cardi uses a similar flow in “Bartier Cardi” but numerous rappers have released similar songs.

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Scroll down to listen to “Bobby B****”, Bobby Shmurda’s 2014 track where he repeats his name several times just like Cardi B and Tommy.  In Jay-Z’s 2009 track “Jigga My N****”, the Brooklyn rapper repeats his nickname throughout the chorus.  Rappers understand the importance of name recognition so they drop anthems that pound their stage names into our heads.

Tommy Genesis Cardi B "Bartier Cardi" Copied
Tommy Genesis Cardi B “Bartier Cardi” Copied

Check out Tommy Genesis’ 2017 single “Tommy”:

Listen to Cardi B’s new single “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage:

Sexuality is a common theme is Tommy and Cardi’s music.  Genesis is openly bisexual and loves rapping about it.  When Cardi B was with her jail bae, Tommy Geez she explained that she didn’t cheat on him with men but she did have relations with women.

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Check out Bobby Shmurda’s single “Bobby B****”:

Listen to Jay-Z’s 2009 track, “Jigga My N****”:

Do you think Cardi B stole Tommy Genesis’ flow? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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