Tim Montgomery Sweetie Pie’s, Prison, New Girlfriend, Real Name

Tim from Sweetie Pie’s was sued by his own mother, Robbie Montgomery.  The lawsuit alleges trademark infringement due to the use of the name at his restaurants.  Scroll to the video towards the bottom of this post to hear Tim and his mother discuss the lawsuit.  Keep reading for details about why Tim went to prison, his new girlfriend and his real name.

Why did Tim from Sweetie Pie’s go to jail?

Tim spent 10 years in jail for armed robbery.  We know what you’re thinking: Why would Robbie Montgomery’s son need to rob anyone? She was one of Ike Turner’s Ikettes, enabling her to provide for her family.  Despite Robbie’s success, Tim followed his father’s footsteps.

He sold drugs which left him in debt with numerous other drug dealers.  When he was unable to get the money to pay them back, he started robbing people and ended up in prison at the age of 17.

Tim Montgomery Sweetie Pie's Prison New Girlfriend Real Name
Tim Montgomery Sweetie Pie’s Prison New Girlfriend Real Name

Tim From Sweetie Pie’s New Girlfriend

In the first season of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s we watched Tim propose to Jenae Wallick.  Tim wasn’t ready to be in a relationship but he’s matured since then.  Tim’s new girlfriend is former Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams.

Tim Norman New Girlfriend Jennifer Williams
Tim Norman New Girlfriend Jennifer Williams 

The video below shows Robbie meeting Jennifer:

Real Name

Tim’s real name is Tim Norman.  Despite popular belief, his real name is not Tim Montgomery.  Don’t miss the next episode of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s! The video below shows Tim and Miss Robbie’s recent appearance on The Real:

In episode 16 of season 7 we see Jennifer help Tim find a new house.  While they still appear to be together on the series, Jennifer and Tim haven’t been seen on each other’s social media pages, leading many to believe that they’ve broken up.  Some fans don’t think their relationship was real.  Tim doesn’t seem like Jennifer’s type.

Do you think Tim and Jennifer’s relationship is real? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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