Tariq Nasheed And Umar Johnson – Beef

Dr. Umar Johnson dragged Tariq Nasheed on Instagram live.  Dr. Johnson decided to expose Nasheed because Nasheed has been insulting Dr. Johnson.  Tariq is a reformed pimp and Dr. Johnson calls him out for releasing content that teaches people how to pimp.  Nasheed’s first book, The Art Of Mackin” was released in 2000 and teaches men how to get what they want from women.

Hidden Colors

Dr. Johnson says that he supported Tariq even after he found out that he used to be a pimp.  He explains that he didn’t approve of Nasheed’s past but he supports him because he’s a changed man.  Dr. Johnson can’t forgive Nasheed for his Hidden Colors series.  In 2011, Tariq released Hidden Colors, a documentary on the contributions of African and aboriginal people and white supremacy.

Tariq Nasheed Umar Johnson Beef
Tariq Nasheed Umar Johnson Beef

Dr. Johnson explains that Tariq brought his all white crew to interview him for Hidden Colors 2.  Dr. Johnson insults Nasheed for hiring white people to produce a black documentary on white supremacy.

Dr. Johnson calls Tariq out for plagiarism.  He says that he interviewed him for more than 3 hours for Hidden Colors 3 yet Dr. Johnson only appears in the film for 20 minutes.  He claims that Tariq stole the ideas he shared during the interview and didn’t give him credit.  Dr. Johnson says that Nasheed is successful because “when you’re listening to Tariq, you’re listening to me.”


Dr. Johnson tells Tariq to release the footage of the doctor’s Hidden Colors interviews to prove that Tariq stole his theories.  Dr. Johnson says he’s Johnson’s “intellectual daddy” and explains that if Tariq doesn’t release the footage, he’s guilty.

Dr. Johnson says that Nasheed paid him $500 for Hidden Colors, $500 for Hidden Colors 2 and $500 for Hidden Colors 3.  Tariq also donated $500 to Johnson’s school initiative.  That’s $2,000.

In 2014, Dr. Johnson told Tariq that he was going to London and needed some copies of Hidden Colors.  Nasheed sold the films to Dr. Johnson for $10 each, the same price he sells them for on the street.  Dr. Johnson bought 50 units, that’s $500.

Dr. Johnson says that Tariq also charged him $1,500 to show Hidden Colors in London.  The $500 the doctor paid for the 50 units plus the $1,500 Nasheed charged Dr. Johnson to show the film equals the $2,000 Tariq gave Dr. Johnson for his contributions to Hidden Colors.

Dr. Johnson says Tariq refused to send him Hidden Colors three times he was scheduled to show the film at events.  Nasheed claimed that he couldn’t send it because he needed to protect his product.

Dr. Johnson also insults Nasheed for making fun of black people’s skin tones.  He calls Tariq a coon for calling dark people “crispy.”

That fat fraudulent, moist manatee looking b*tch Umar Johnson has been out here lying and scamming for years. Even the family of Fredrick Douglas had to issue a statement against Umar lying about being a blood descendant. How long are we supposed to let this ho-ass dude lie and scam Black people?
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By Jason John

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