Sky From Black Ink Kids – Twin Sons? Jakeita Days

Jakeita Days aka Sky from Black Ink Crew has two sons, Dessalines and Genesis.  In episode 3 of season 6, “Texas Here I Come” Sky and her best friend Allison travel to Texas to see the house that Sky’s sons grew up in.  Sky’s sons grew up in Texas under the same roof.  Sky meets Candice, the woman who adopted her boys.  Sky has two sons but they are not twins.  Genesis is 2 years older than Des.

Candice is a very nice woman with a beautiful home.  Sky considers her an angel for providing her kids with structure.  Sky gets excited when she sees Candice’s pool.  When she gave birth to her sons she wasn’t a reality star and was unable to afford to provide for them.  I think Sky made the right decision and I’m glad she’s trying to reconnect with her sons.


Des Black Ink Crew Sky's Son
Des Black Ink Crew Sky’s Son

Sky sees her son, Des, for the first time in 15 years.  He was 3-years-old the last time Sky saw him and he’s currently in high school.  He understands why Sky had to give him and his brother up for adoption and he’s excited about making up for lost time.  Sky and Des play football together and Sky goes to his football game.


Genesis Black Ink Crew Sky's Son
Genesis Black Ink Crew Sky’s Son

Genesis is Sky’s oldest son.  He’s 19-years-old and the last time Sky saw him he was 5.  Candice explains that Genesis was a good kid until his biological father, Alton came back into his life.  Genesis and Sky meet up and Genesis isn’t saying much.  Sky is apologizing to Genesis but then chaos erupts.
Genesis Black Ink Crew Sky's Son
Genesis Black Ink Crew Sky’s Son
Genesis gets upset and gets into multiple fights with the show’s security team.  The following interview explains why he’s mad.  Alton, Genesis’ biological father has clearly convinced him that Sky is selfish and she didn’t have to give him and his brother up for adoption.
Here’s part 2 of the interview:

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