Skai Jackson Age – Dating Yung Boi Trunks

Skai Jackson is 15-years-old.  She was born on April 8, 2002.  In the video below, my favorite YouTuber, SnoopMaya reveals that Skai is dating rapper, Yung Boi Trunks aka Kid Trunks.  The rapper is currently 17-years-old.  SnoopMaya explains that she follows Yung Boi Trunks and was watching one of his live videos.

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Skai sent Yung Boi Trunks a message asking him to FaceTime her later and Trunks pinned the message.  SnoopMaya explains that she was surprised because Yung Boi Trunks looks old and Skai looks like she’s 11-years-old.  SnoopMaya left a comment explaining that she was shook.

Skai saw SnoopMaya’s comment and asked, “Is there a
problem?”  SnoopMaya responded by asking “What do you mean is
there a problem?” and Skai didn’t respond.  A week later, Yung Boi
Trunks goes live again and Skai comments with heart emojis and SnoopMaya leaves
a comment explaining that she is still shook.

Skai Jackson Age Dating Yung Boi Turks
Skai Jackson Age Dating Yung Boi Turks

Skai leaves a comment that says “Trunks I think your fans hate me.” SnoopMaya explains that she doesn’t hate Skai, she just didn’t expect her to talk to someone like Trunks.  The rapper has face tattoos and looks like he’s over 21 but he’s only 17.

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