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Sean Milliken Update
Sadly, Sean’s mother, Renee Milliken passed away from kidney disease on in April of 2017.  Sean is still unable to care for himself.  He had gastric bypass surgery and lost more than 300 pounds but then gained it all back.

Renee Milliken
Renee Milliken

On Sean’s episode, Dr. Now gave Renee constructive criticism for acting as Sean’s enabler.  The video below shows Renee cleaning Sean’s open sores.  She explains that it’s important for them to be clean so they don’t get infected.

Brittani and Sean were seen on the most recent episode of My 600 lb Life.  When we met Brittani she weighed 605 pounds.  She didn’t want her husband seeing her without clothes because she was afraid that he would be disgusted.  Brittani would think about food from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed.

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After surgery Brittani struggled with her emotions

Following Brittani’s surgery, she began focusing on her mental health.  Her mother convinced her to see a therapist.  Brittani was a victim of sexual abuse when she was younger and food made her feel safe.  She started achieving her goals and her relationship with her husband, Bill improved.  At the beginning of the new episode, Brittani weight 375 pounds and she trying to lose more than 200 pounds.

Sean My 600 lb Life Brittani Now
Sean My 600 lb Life Brittani Now

Sean: “My weight has given me a death sentence”

When we met Sean he was unable to do anything by himself.  Him and his mother, Renee, make plans to move to Houston to see Dr. Nowzaradan.  He knows losing weight is the only way he can survive but he can’t stop eating.  Food is the only thing that calms him down.  Dr. Now tells Sean’s mother that she’s killing him.

Sean weighs over 1000 pounds

Initially, Sean weighs over 900 pounds.  Dr. Now tells him that it’s a miracle for him to be alive.  The doctor is known for telling people the truth.  Sometime his honesty can be harsh.  Dr. Now tells Sean that he could be the heaviest person alive right now.  He’s trying to inspire him to lose weight but that was a bit much.  When Sean comes in for his second visit he weighs over 1000 pounds.
At the beginning of the new episode, Sean weighs 548 pounds and he’s hoping to lose more than 300 pounds.  His goal weight is 200 pounds.

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