Rebecca Dykes Facebook Reactions – British Woman Found Dead

Rebecca Dykes is the British woman who was found dead in Lebanon.  Investigators say she was strangled.  Her body was found on the side of the Metn highway.  Dykes was a British diplomat who worked at the UK embassy.  She was 30-years-old and may have been raped before she was murdered and left on the side of the motorway.

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Dykes worked for the Department for International Development.  She was the program and policy manager and started the job earlier this year.  Investigators say that she spent Friday night partying and was most likely abducted after leaving a bar in Gemmayzeh.

Rebecca Dykes British Woman Found Dead
Rebecca Dykes British Woman Found Dead

We recently shared stories about Honey Sherman and Bethany Stephens.  Like Dykes, Sherman and Stephens were unexpectedly murdered.  These tragedies remind us to live each day like it’s our last because anything can happen.

The Facebook comments below reveal some of the crime and corruption that Lebanon attempts to hide.  In 2015, Lebanon imposed restrictions on the entry of Syrians that required them to provide additional details about their stay.  Syrian refugees are met with hostility and Lebanon doesn’t allow formal refugee camps.

Facebook reactions to Rebecca’s death:

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