Patti Sue Mathis, Nathan’s Daughter – Roy Moore

Patti Sue Mathis
Patti Sue Mathis

Nathan Mathis is the Alabama peanut farmer whose daughter, Patti Sue Mathis committed suicide in 1995.  Nathan explained that Roy Moore considered Patti a pervert because she was a lesbian.  Moore has made some extremely harsh comments about gays.  The former Alabama state judge thinks homosexuality should be illegal and explains that it’s a violation of the laws of nature.

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Nathan Mathis explains that all men were created equal so Moore shouldn’t judge gays.  Nathan stood outside of a Roy Moore rally holding a picture of Patti and explained that she was only 23 when she committed suicide.  Nathan called Moore a pervert for dating girls that were 14 to 17-years-old.

Patti Sue Mathis Nathan's Daughter Roy Moore
Patti Sue Mathis Nathan’s Daughter Roy Moore

Nathan says that he too shared anti-gay beliefs similar to Moore’s but his daughter’s death changed his life.

Patti Sue Mathis was born on October 11, 1972.  She was athletic as a child and turned out to be a very good high school basketball player.  The photo Nathan was holding at the rally shows Patti in a basketball uniform.

Patti attended Enterprise State Junior College where she was named the MVP in softball.  Nathan found out Patti was gay when she was a senior at Wicksburg High School in Newton, Alabama.  Nathan confronted Patti and said some very mean things to her.  Patti moved out.

Patti returned home four months later.  She told her parents she didn’t want to be gay and they took her to the University of Alabama for blood work.  The doctor told her that there was nothing they could do.  The Mathis family continued to take Patti to doctors and psychiatrists but on March 22, 1995, Patti committed suicide.

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