Mike Epps Mugshot – Marion County Jail

Mike Epps recently posted a picture of his mugshot from 1989.  The comedian was arrested in Indiana and spent 2 years in the Marion County Jail.  Epps explains that he was confused about what he wanted to do with his life so he turned to selling drugs.  He says that he lost numerous friends to death and life in prison and he thanks God that he made it.

Mike Epps will be revealing additional details from his past in his upcoming book, “Unsuccessful Thug.” Scroll down to see him discuss his past on Drink Champs.  Epps tells people to go to Indianapolis and ask about him.  He says he was an unsuccessful thug because his mother raised him too nice.

Mike Epps Mugshot Marion County Jail
Mike Epps Mugshot Marion County Jail

Check out Mike’s recent appearance on Drink Champs:

Epps says that him and a guy named Antwan robbed a woman at a Noble Roman’s pizza restaurant in Indianapolis and after they robbed her Antwan pistol whipped her.  Mike was surprised and asked Antwan why he smacked the lady while they were still in front of her.  Mike wasn’t built to be a criminal and I’m glad he chose comedy.

On another robbery, Epps explains that he kept saying his friend’s name, making it easy for their victim to report his friend’s identity to the cops.  Epps also reveals that he was once a robbery victim. The robbers put Mike in the trunk and they were playing music.  He says when the song stopped, he beat on the seat from the truck and asked the robbers to play the track again.  That’s when he knew he was meant to be a comedian.

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By Jason John

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