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Michelle McKnight aka Michelle Beltran aka Michelle Quick was seen on episode 8 of WAGS season 3, “WAG Wedding Bells.” Michelle’s son, Jaiden, also appeared on the episode.  Jaiden’s father, Joe McKnight was murdered on December 1, 2016.  Joe was 28-years-old.  From 2010 to 2012 he played for the New York Jets and in 2014 he played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Joe McKnight was murdered by a man named Ronald Gasser in Terrytown, Louisiana.  Gasser shot Joe after an argument at an intersection.  Gasser argues that he shot the former NFL star to defend himself.

Michelle and Joe's Son Jaiden McKnight
Michelle and Joe’s Son Jaiden McKnight

In “Wag Wedding Bells” we see Michelle preparing for Jaiden’s 8th birthday.  Michelle met Joe after his freshman year at USC.  Nine months after they met, Michelle was pregnant with Jaiden.  Sadly, Joe and Michelle broke up in 2013.  Joe’s life was going downhill and there was nothing Michelle could do to help.  Joe was getting into beefs with fans on social media and he was arrested for failing to pay numerous parking tickets.

The following pic shows Jaiden and Michelle at Joe’s funeral:

Michelle McKnight And Joe's Son Jaiden WAGS
Michelle McKnight And Joe’s Son Jaiden WAGS

Michelle and Joe broke up a few years after Jaiden was born.  Michelle is now married to Washington Redskins wide receiver, Brian Quick.

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