Lowell Hawthorne Net Worth, Wife, Dead – Golden Krust

Lowell Hawthorne has passed away.  The Golden Krust founder committed suicide inside his Bronx factory.  Hawthorne is a Jamaican who emigrated to the United States where he worked hard to develop the Caribbean bakery and grill.  His wife, Lorna, helped him open his first restaurant in 1989.  Since then, the Hawthorne family has expanded Golden Krust.  There are now 120 locations in nine states.

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Lowell Hawthorne Net Worth: $70 Million

Lowell Hawthorne’s $70 million net worth was earned through Golden Krust.  The restaurants have enjoyed massive success since their first location opened win 1989.  Lowell learned how to bake thanks to his parents who founded Hawthorne and Sons Bakery in Jamaica.  Lowell was able to take Golden Krust to the next level thanks to clients like the New York City educational system.  Golden Krust makes more than $100 million annually.

Lowell Hawthorne Net Worth Wife Dead Golden Krust
Lowell Hawthorne Net Worth Wife Dead Golden Krust

Lowell Hawthorne’s Wife Lorna

Lowell Hawthorne Wife Lorna
Lowell Hawthorne Wife Lorna

Lorna Hawthorne is Golden Krust’s Human Resource Director.  In 1989, Lorna and four of Lowell’s siblings put their money together to help Lowell open the first Golden Krust bakery in The Bronx.  Lorna and Lowell have four children who all work for the company.

Lorna and Lowell’s son, Daren is Golden Krust’s corporate counsel, Omar is the director of franchising, Monique is responsible for Golden Krust’s foundations and Haywood is the vice president of manufacturing.

Research has shown that Caribbean black men in the United States have the highest suicide attempt rate among black Americans.  Many Caribbean immigrants have negative experiences related to immigration, including being separated from their families and trying to adapt to U.S. culture.

Lowell Hawthorne faced major challenges after opening his first Golden Krust.  Loan applications were declined and it was difficult for him to buy equipment.  Finding reliable employees was another obstacle Lowell worked hard to overcome.

New details have emerged about Lowell Hawthorne’s death.  The Golden Krust founder owed millions in back taxes and left a suicide note.  A family member told the New York Post that Hawthorne was scared that the feds were investigating him for tax evasion.  Golden Krust was also being sued by former employees for lost wages.

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