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Kiyanne aka “Kill Em Kiy” made an appearance on Love and Hip Hop season 8 episode 8, “Catfished.” Kiyanne and Bianca visit Mariahlynn to see her new implants.  Kiyanne started writing songs at a very young age.  She explains that she was a horrible rapper in her teens but once she turned 20 she figured things out.

Kiyanne is a Queens-based emcee who gained fame by demolishing other rapper’s beats.  Scroll down to hear what she did to Meek Mill’s “Know No Better.” Bianca and Kiyanne both have beef with Brittney “Bri” Taylor.  Bri claims that Kiyanne stole her style just like Bri claims Bianca stole her style.

Kiyanne Love and Hip Hop
Kiyanne Love and Hip Hop

Listen to Kiyanne on Meek Mill’s “Know No Betta”:

Kiyanne says that J. Cole is a rapper that she respects and she has been working hard to revamp her brand.  Her appearance on Love and Hip Hop will definitely help her gain exposure.  Kiyanne is one of the few women on the reality series who have a positive relationship with Bianca.

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Last year, Kiyanne welcomed a son.  She explains that was her best moment of 2016.

“Pop up, pop up, pop up!” Kiyanne is full of energy and I hope she makes another appearance on Love and Hip Hop.

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