Khia Vs. Reginae, Trina, Toya Wright – Beef

Khia is at it again.  Her and Ts Madison latest Queens Court broke the Internet.  The ladies called out Toya Wright about the identity of her baby father.  Khia asked for Toya Wright to come to the court and reveal who her baby daddy is because she still used the last name Wright yet she’s no longer with Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

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Toya’s baby father is Robert “Red” Rushing, a sports manager.  Khia calls Toya out for trying to secure the bag but Red hasn’t married her.  Scroll to the video below to see Khia and Ts Madison full Queens Court.  Reginae is 19 now and she’s feeling herself.  Her and Toya respond to Khia on Instagram live and drag Trina into their beef.  Trina responded to the situation with the following meme:

Khia Reginae Trina Toya Wright Beef
Khia Reginae Trina Toya Wright Beef

Reginae says that Khia is obsessed with Trina and calls her out for being a one hit wonder.  Reginae explains that Toya is pregnant and doesn’t deserve to be disrespected.  Khia claps back by insulting Toya, her fetus, Reginae, Lil Wayne and Trina.

Khia revealed that Trina started having relations with Toya to get closer to Lil Wayne.  Khia claims that Trina’s strategy didn’t work because Wayne wasn’t close to Toya because he was always with the Birdman.  Khia also calls Reginae a meal ticket and calls Toya out for letting Reginae act like she’s the parent.  Khia says Toya conceived Reginae when she was 14-years-old.

Khia says that Reginae is talentless and didn’t inherit anything from her father so The OMG Girlz didn’t want her.  Khia is hilarious.  She said that Wayne sends Reginae clothes that is too small for her so she gives it to Toya and Toya shares pics of herself in the clothes on Instagram.

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