Keaton Jones – Go Fund Me, Bullied (Video), Mother Kimberly

Scroll down to donate to Keaton Jones’ Go Fund Me page.  Jones is the Tennessee student whose video went viral.  In the video, Keaton discusses being bullied at school.  He explains that kids make fun of his nose, call him ugly and say that he has no friends.  They pour milk on him and throw things at him.  Bullying is a serious issue that is not receiving enough attention.

Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones posted the video after she picked him up from school because he was scared to go to lunch.  Social media bullying has received a massive amount of attention lately but it’s important to remember that physical bullying is still occurring on a regular basis.

Keaton Jones Go Fund Me Bullied Video
Keaton Jones Go Fund Me Bullied Video

Why haven’t the school’s employees done anything to help Keaton? If I worked at the school, each student that bullied Keaton would be suspended.

Keaton’s video is going viral.  Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry have shared his video and he’s trending on Twitter.  Tennessee Titans tight end, Delanie Walker posted the following video to show his support:

I hope Keaton’s story inspires parents to discuss bullying with their children.  Many parents focus on teaching their kids to defend themselves but they should shift their attention to lessons on anti-bullying.

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