Joseph Hayden Boston – Lakewood, Riverside, CA

Joseph Hayden Boston is the 18-year-old who confessed to sexually assaulting two children in a motel room in Riverside, California.  His mother turned him in after he told her.  Riverside police report that Joseph has molested as many as 50 children in the last 8 years in various locations throughout Southern California.

Joseph Hayden Boston was arrested on 2 counts of oral copulation

Oral copulation is mouth contact with a person’s private part.  Consensual oral copulation with a minor is a crime in California.  Police believe that Joseph has victimized numerous children who have not come forward.  It’s important for parents to teach their children about inappropriate contact.

Joseph Hayden Boston Oral Copulation
Joseph Hayden Boston

Joseph needs serious help.  He started molesting children when he was 10-years-old.  We recently published stories on Brianne Altice and Alyssia Reddy, teachers who were arrested for sexually abusing their children.  While those stories were disturbing, this is one of the most horrific stories we’ve published in a long time.

If you have children and live in Riverside, Lakewood or Buena Park show them a picture of Joseph to determine if you should contact detectives.

Joseph’s mother made the right decision.  Although she loves her son she knows the difference between right and wrong so she decided to turn Joseph in.  Some parents try to protect their children by any means necessary but they’re doing more harm than good.  If Joseph’s mom would have tried to protect him, she could have ended up in serious legal trouble.

Joseph was staying at the Holiday Inn in Riverside where he met a 4-year-old boy and an 8-year-old boy.  The boys were at the hotel with their parents and they allowed them to go into Joseph’s room.  Teach your kids that they shouldn’t trust strangers.  Making friends is important but sexual predators like Joseph make it difficult to trust strangers.

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