Joe Schilling Keaton Jones, N Word, Scam – Family, Mother Kimberly Racist Facebook

Keaton Jones’ mother, Kimberly Jones is being called out for being a racist.  Kimberly shared a video on Facebook that showed Keaton crying over being bullied.  The video went viral and celebrities like Snoop Dogg shared it to show Keaton support.  Media outlets report that Keaton was bullied because he used the N word and Kimberly is being called a scam artist.

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The picture below is from Kimberly’s Facebook page and shows her holding up a confederate flag.  Kimberly also made comments insulting Colin Kaepernick after he took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

Keaton Jones Mother Kimberly Racist Facebook Picture
Keaton Jones Mother Kimberly Racist Facebook Picture

Joe Schilling

In the video above, professional kick boxer and mixed martial artist, Joe Schilling called Keaton’s mother out for being a scam artist.  When you see a video like Keaton’s, the last thing on your mind is a scam but luckily Joe did some investigating.

Kimberly has shut down her Facebook page or Facebook may have done her that favor.  The Go Fund Me page that raised over $58,000 in support of Keaton, stopped accepting donations and the money will most likely be returned to the donors.

What do you think about Kimberly Jones being a racist? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.