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Jaz-O Jay-Z Beef Squashed

Jay-Z and Jaz-O have officially squashed their beef.  Jaz-O, No ID and Jay-Z took the picture below at Jay’s 4:44 concert in Chicago.  Scroll down to see Twitter’s reaction to Jay and Jaz’s reunion.  Jaz-O was Jay-Z’s mentor throughout the 1980s and 90s.  They have recorded multiple songs together including “Bring It On” and “The Originator.”

What started Jaz-O and Jay-Z’s beef?

Jaz-O landed a record deal in the mid 90s while Jay-Z was still selling drugs.  Jaz’s career didn’t take off after signing the deal so when Jay-Z started Roc-A-Fella Records he offered Jaz a $300,000 deal but Jaz refused.  Jay didn’t trust Damon Dash and I don’t blame him.  Jay eventually ended his partnership and friendship with Dash.

Jaz-O Jay-Z Beef
Jaz-O Jay-Z Beef

In the video at the end of this article, Jay explains that he moved Jaz and his wife into a property he had on State St. in New York City.  Jay gave Jaz a producer credit for his hit song “Ain’t No N****” although Jaz didn’t do much work on the song.  Jay thinks Jaz was jealous of him because Jaz started out as Jay’s mentor.

Here’s a throwback pic of Jaz-O, Queen Latifah and Jay-Z:

Jaz-O Jay-Z Beef
Jaz-O Jay-Z Beef

The following tweet explains that Jay has been squashing beef with everyone lately.  The counseling is really paying off.

When you’re around 50-years-old it’s easy to be stuck in your ways.  You feel like no one can teach you anything new.  I figured that’s how Jay and Jaz felt about their relationship.  They both were convinced that the other person was wrong.  I’m glad someone was able to persuade them that holding grudges doesn’t make sense.

I would love to hear Jay and Jaz on a track together.  Without Jaz, Jay-Z wouldn’t be the successful rapper he is today.

What do you think about Jay-Z and Jaz-O squashing their beef? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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