Is Damon Dash Related To Stacey Dash? – Honor Up

Damon Dash is Stacey Dash’s cousin.  ESPN reporter, Jemele Hill recently called Stacey out on Twitter.  Stacey will appear in the movie Honor Up.  Jemele posted a pic of the movie poster which shows Stacey alongside Damon and Cam’ron.  The film was produced by Kanye West.  Jemele says that Stacey is running back to a black audience after she shamed black people daily on national television.

Stacey appeared in the video for Kanye’s 2004 track “All Falls Down.”  Despite their previous work together, Kanye definitely shouldn’t agree with Stacey’s viewpoints.  Dame even called Stacey out and claimed that his family disowned her.

Is Damon Dash Related To Stacey Dash? Honor Up
Is Damon Dash Related To Stacey Dash? Honor Up

Stacey provided answers in the following tweet:

Why did she record the film if she didn’t want to be on the poster? In 2015, Damon shared the following trailer.  The movie was originally titled Too Honorable and Stacey appeared at the end of the trailer.

Jay-Z messed up by failing to mention Stacey’s name on “The Story Of O.J.” The track describes her disposition and she needs to be reminded where she comes from.
Remember when Stacey Dash was normal? Here’s a throwback from Stacey’s past:

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By Jason John

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