Iris Ross, Anthony Milan – Vegan Chef Phoenix, Facebook Video

Anthony Milan Ross is the former vegan chef who murdered his ex-wife, Iris Ross and two children and on Christmas Day in Phoenix.  Iris was 38-years-old.  After Anthony shot and killed Iris, he shot and killed his 10 month old daughter, Anora and his 11-year-old son, Nigel.  Anthony is a 45-year-old chef and motivational speaker.

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Anthony sent Iris’ sister text messages after the murder

After shooting his wife and kids, Anthony sent his wife’s sister, Mary Wogas, multiple text messages. In the first message, Anthony revealed that he killed his wife and kids.  The second message said “with a gun.” After murdering his family, Anthony had a 6 hour long standoff with the police.

Iris Ross Anthony Milan, Vegas Chef Phoenix
Iris Ross Anthony Milan, Vegan Chef Phoenix

Anthony posted a video with his son hours before he murdered him

Anthony posted a video with his son hours before he murdered him, his baby sister and their mother.  The video was posted on Anthony’s Full Flavor Vegan Facebook page.  Full Flavor Vegan is Anthony’s food line which is sold exclusively through Whole Foods.  The video shows Anthony and his son singing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

The Facebook reactions below provide insightful information related to the incident.  The first post explains the dangers of the two year window after a woman leaves an abusive relationship.  The next post proclaims that Anthony deserves the death penalty.  Arizona reinstated capital punishment in 1918.

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