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How Many Kids Does Remy Ma Have? – Son, Jayson

How many kids does Remy Ma have? Remy Ma has a son named Jayson.  She is also the step mother of her husband’s three children.  The second episode of Love and Hip Hop New York‘s season 7, “Strawberries” shows that the couple’s kids are very talented rappers.  Papoose has a writing session and then they both freestyle, impressing Remy.


How Many Kids Does Papoose Have?

Papoose has two daughters and a son.  The New York rapper is also the step father of Remy Ma’s son.  Dejanae Mackie is the rapper’s daughter that was recently seen on Love and Hip Hop.

How Many Kids Does Remy Ma Have?
How Many Kids Does Remy Ma Have?

Remy Ma And Papoose Son

The image above shows the rapper with his son.  Papoose is a great father.  When Remy went to prison, Papoose had to work hard to hold the house down.  Fans love the couple’s relationship.  The following tweet suggests that they should have their own series:

I’m a fan of the couple but I don’t think their relationship is entertaining enough for their own series.  We love the reality series because of the drama.  Remy and Papoose’s relationship is drama-free therefore I don’t think they should get their own reality series.

Papoose Daughter, Dejanae Mackie Age

Papoose’s daughter, Dejanae Mackie is currently 13-years-old.  Her appearance on Love and Hip Hop proved that she has talent similar to her father.
Papoose Daughter Dejanae Mackie Age
Papoose Daughter Dejanae Mackie Age


What Is Papoose Real Name?

Papoose was born Shamele Mackie on March 5, 1978 in New York.  Similar to The Notorious B.I.G., Papoose grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

A Merry Mackie Holiday

Remy Ma and Papoose were spreading #BlackLove on their VH1 special, A Merry Mackie Holiday.  Papoose and his kids are in North Carolina, where Remy’s family lives.  Remy recently opened her store Conceited in North Carolina and her and Papoose bought a house in Raleigh.  The video below shows a sneak peak of Remy Ma & Papoose: A Merry Mackie Holiday.

The following video shows Remy Ma’s style evolution:


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