How Did Angry Grandpa Die? – Charles Green Jr. RIP

Charlie Green Jr. aka Angry Grandpa has sadly passed away.  Green was battling numerous health issues including skin cancer, kidney stones and a hernia.  The cancer was in remission but then he was diagnosed with cirrhosis, scarring of the liver.  Angry Grandpa had five children and 9 grandchildren.  He was 67.

Angry Grandpa’s death reminds us how lucky we are to have social media, especially tools like YouTube.  AGP is gone but we have a library of unforgettable memories thanks to his YouTube channel.  One of my favorite videos shows AGP destroying a Playstation 4.

How Did Angry Grandpa Die?
How Did Angry Grandpa Die? Charles Green Jr. RIP

Anger is an emotion we all experience but many of us try to hide.  Not Angry Grandpa.  His videos showed him taking his anger out on furniture and screaming at his friends and family members.  When you constantly have to remain calm, it’s great to see someone who has made a living by sharing his anger with the world.

Charles Green Jr. used YouTube to share his life with the world.  Anytime I was feeling down, I knew I could cheer myself up by watching one of his videos.  RIP AGP

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By Jason John

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