Honey Sherman – Apotex Billionaire Found Dead, Facebook Reactions

Barry and Honey Sherman are the billionaires who were found dead in their Toronto mansion.  Barry was the founder of Apotex, a pharmaceutical company that he launched in 1974.  Police described the incident as suspicious.  They were both found hanging from a railing in what appears to be a murder-suicide.  Barry was 75 and Honey was 70.

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Barry Sherman’s net worth was $3.7 billion.  The Facebook posts below show that there has been a massive amount of speculation on how Barry and Honey died.  The family released a statement asking the police to conduct a thorough investigation.  Media outlets suggest that Barry killed Honey before hanging himself but investigators have not provided any details about the incident.

Honey Sherman Apotex Billionaire
Honey Sherman Apotex Billionaire

The Facebook comments below shows that there is a massive amount of confusion surrounding the incident.  Some wonder why Barry would hang himself after killing his wife.  Barry is the founder of one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies of all-time so he would have easy access to any drug he wanted.

Barry would have most likely used a lethal drug to commit suicide.  Hanging yourself is considered a painful death so people don’t think Barry would have chosen to hang himself if he wanted to commit suicide.


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