Faith Nketsi – Who Did Offset Cheat On Cardi B With?

The Internet thinks Offset cheated on Cardi B with Instagram model Faith Nketsi.  She is from South Africa, where Offset performed in late October.  On October 23, 2017, Cardi B posted that she was single.  Faith is a social media sensation from South Africa.  Scroll down to see the Internet’s reaction to Offset hooking up with Nketsi.

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Cardi B Threatens Legal Action Against Hackers

Initially, Cardi B seemed unbothered by this sequence of events.  She started following her ex-boyfriend, Tommy on Instagram but she announced that her and Offset were still together.  Now that rapper is threatening to take legal action against Offset’s hackers.  Cardi’s lawyer, Scott Mason explains that the video was obtained illegally and her legal team is doing a full investigation.

Faith Nketsi Who Did Offset Cheat On Cardi B With?
Faith Nketsi Who Did Offset Cheat On Cardi B With?

The Internet doesn’t blame Offset for cheating on Cardi with Faith.

A post shared by Faith Nketsi (@faith.nketsi) on Jun 14, 2017 at 6:17am PDT

Nketsi aka Queen Twerk posted the following video of herself and Offset in October.

As soon as Faith posted the video, the Internet knew Cardi was in trouble.  Offset is not faithful and never has been.  Cardi seemed to understand that before he proposed to her.

Cardi is a former stripper so she should understand how men think.  Offset is lit and he doesn’t care about being faithful.  If Cardi wants to be in a committed relationship she should think twice about marrying Offset.

While most of the Internet is convinced that Faith is the person in the video, others claim that the woman isn’t Faith.  The tweet below explains that the woman is from Atlanta.

In the video below, Khia explains that Cardi doesn’t mind Offset’s cheating.

Cardi B is no angel.  She has admitted that she lost count of how many men she has had relations with.  Offset most likely has no clue how many women he’s had relations with so they’re perfect for each other.

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