Facebook Keeps Stopping – App Crashing, Not Working

If your Facebook app keeps crashing you’re not alone.  My app was working fine a few hours ago but now it keeps stopping.  First, make sure you’re running the latest version of Facebook by updating the app.  I was running the latest version of Facebook but I needed to update my mobile device.  Make sure your running your mobile device’s latest software.


Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped

If your receiving the “Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped” error message try clearing your device’s cache and uninstall the app.  To do so select Settings and then Applications.  Next, select Applications Manager and swipe to the right until you get to the All screen.  Scroll to Facebook and tap the Clear Cache button and then tap the Clear Data button.  Press OK and then tap Uninstall and press OK.

Facebook Keeps Stopping App Crashing Not Working
Facebook Keeps Stopping App Crashing Not Working

Here’s a list of the Facebook troubleshooting tips we’ve provided so far:

  1. Update your Facebook app
  2. Update your mobile device’s software
  3. Delete your Facebook app and reinstall
If your Facebook app continues to crash after you’ve completed the steps above try to reset your mobile device to factory settings.

If you’re convinced your phone is the problem, try to restore your phone’s settings.  Keep in mind, restoring your settings will erase everything on your device.

Check Twitter to see if you’re the only person experiencing problems with Facebook.  Right now, there are numerous people having trouble with the app so be patient.

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By Jason John

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