Donna Help Me Howard – Black Ink Crew

Black Ink Crew‘s fifth episode of season 6, “Help Me Howard” will show Donna Lombardi’s ex-roommate, Angela Newman expose her.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see the episode.  Help Me Howard is a series hosted by Howard Thompson, a Conflict Resolution Specialist.

Angela exposes Donna aka Taylor

Howard Thompson aids people who have been wronged by others.  The reporter exposes con artists through relentless investigations.  Angela contacted Howard to help her get Donna aka Taylor out her house.  Despite being a reality star on Black Ink Crew, Donna needed a place to stay.  One of Angela’s relatives introduced her to Donna and Newman let Lombardi move into her apartment in Yonkers.

Donna Help Me Howard Black Ink Crew
Donna Help Me Howard Black Ink Crew

Angela says that Donna told her that her name was “Taylor Pickney.” Donna wasn’t paying any bills or helping with the rent but she still thought it was okay to move her boyfriend, Muhammad in.  Newman tells Lombardi that she had to leave and the Black Ink Crew star refuses.

Angela and Donna went to housing court but New York City has tenant-friendly laws that make it extremely difficult for landlords to evict tenants.  Angela brings Howard to her house so he can speak to Donna and her boyfriend but they refuse to open their room door.

Howard Thompson visits Black Ink Crew in Harlem to try to find Donna but she’s not there.  The receptionist calls Ceaser and Howard asks Cease to help him contact Donna.  Cease gives Black Ink Crew‘s executive producer Howard’s information and Thompson explains that the producer wanted Angela to appear on the show.  Angela refused and a few days later Donna and her boyfriend moved out her house.

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By Jason John

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