DJ Self Net Worth – Cardi B, Daughter, Age, Wiki

DJ Self Net Worth: $5 Million

DJ Self was born John Self on January 20, 1986 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  He’s currently 31-years-old.  Self is working hard to grow Gwinin Entertainment and using Love and Hip Hop to promote his artists.  In episode 9 of season 8, “Bad Reputation” we see the DJ try to put an end to the beef between Gwinin’s rappers.

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Self is having problems with Mariah Lynn and Dreamdoll.  Mariah doesn’t think she’s receiving the respect she deserves from Gwinin despite her loyalty.  Self is feeling Dreamdoll right now because of her recent success.  Her single, “Everything Nice” is a hit and Self respects her grind.  Mariah is feeling threatened and I think she’ll end up leaving Gwinin.

Cardi B

DJ Self Net Worth Cardi B Daughter Age Wiki
DJ Self Net Worth Cardi B Daughter Age Wiki

DJ Self built his label on drama and that strategy worked for Cardi B.  Self met Cardi at the strip club she used to dance at and helped her with her music career.  Self was unprofessional and let the world know that him and Cardi were having relations.

The DJ couldn’t see the big picture and let his personal relationship with Cardi ruin their business relationship.  Cardi quickly became one of the most popular rappers on the planet and she’s no longer working with Self.  Cardi is already worth more than $5 million and Self won’t receive a dime!

DJ Self Daughter Kayla

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In season 6 of Love and Hip Hop we saw Self in a love triangle with Cardi B and Yorma Hernandez.  To show Yorma that he’s done with Cardi, Self introduces her to his beautiful daughter Kayla.  
In the words of Jay-Z: “Even a broken clock is right at least two times a day.” Self can’t seem to get anything right, explaining why he’s a member of the Creep Squad.  The DJ’s daughter is the only thing he got right.  He should leave Mariah and Dreamdoll alone and focus on developing Kayla’s career.

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