Ceaser From Black Ink Crew Daughter – Cheyenne

The video below shows Ceaser and his baby mother Crystal.  Ceaser is a changed man and him and Crystal can finally hold a conversation.  He wants a better relationship with his daughter, Cheyenne and knows he’ll have to make things right with Crystal.  Ceaser and Crystal had a previous feud over Ceaser’s unpaid child support but he finally caught up with the payments and they’re working together to co-parent their baby girl.

Cheyenne, Ceaser’s daughter, is discussed in Black Ink Crew season 5 episode 4, “Welcome To Hell.” Ceaser explains that Cheyenne asked him when she will get a brother or sister.  Ceaser’s girlfriend, Dutchess, is in New York to help him manage his shop on 113th St.  Ceaser originally put Ted in charge but he was unreliable.

Dutchess comes to Ceaser’s rescue so he takes her out to eat.  He wants to show her how much he appreciates her leaving the shop in North Carolina to help him in New York.  The couple’s night out starts great but then Ceaser asks Dutchess about having a son.  Ceaser is planning for the future.  Like Lucious Lyon, he’s looking for a son to carry on his legacy.

Ceaser From Black Ink Crew Daughter Cheyenne
Ceaser From Black Ink Crew Daughter Cheyenne

Ceaser tells Dutchess that he really wants a baby boy but she doesn’t think it’s the right time.

Dutchess isn’t willing to sacrifice her business but Ceaser doesn’t understand when they’ll have a better chance.

Dutchess doesn’t think she’ll be able to find time to raise a child with all the shops they’re trying to manage.

Ceaser thinks they be 50-years-old without children and a bunch of money.  Dutchess calls Ceaser out for being anxious when he already has a child.  Ceaser reminds her that Cheyenne is his daughter, and he wants a son.

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